It's Been a While

created by T R Bradshaw on July 30, 2011 10:53 AM

I haven't been updating the site as I should have. I know there aren't very many eyes that see this site, and probably fewer since those who have returned here several times have realized that not much has changed.

There's a lot going on in my life, not the least of which is that I'm getting married in a few months. Between that and my job, all desire/ability/motivation to continue on with projects is next to nil.

Be that as it may (I find myself saying that a lot recently. I periodically pick up certain phrases and run with them until I get tired of them.), I have been dabbling in the world of mobile apps. As I don't own an Apple computer, the world of the iOS app is closed to me. Thus, Android is my chosen platform (for now).

The app that I developed is sort of a test project to see if 1) I could create an app of any significance and 2) I could make any money at it. I know it's not the most fun game in the world, and it's hard to compete with the giants of mobile app games, but I'm hoping that someone somewhere will think it's a good idea and enjoy playing it. (So far there hasn't been much interest, but be that as it may (see?))

I have lovingly called the game "Tile Cascade." It's a sort of puzzle game in which you try to "turn-off" colored tiles. Every time you touch a tile, that tile and the adjacent tiles iterate one color. Choose from two to four colors and have at it. Try to solve each puzzle in the fewest moves possible.

My original thought for this game was just a sort of time-wasting game if ever you are waiting anywhere and have some time to kill. I've often sat waiting for things and wished I had a game like this to occupy me.

I wish that Android let you go between free and paid apps, but as it stands it doesn't. As such "Tile Cascade" costs $0.99 (US).

Download Tile Cascade - Bradshaw Creations

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