Enjoy the maze books available from Bradshaw Creations. Mazes come in all shapes and sizes and difficulty levels, so there should be one that's right for you.

Computer Science


Getting Started with Python

A new blog for beginners wanting to learn computer programming. Starts with the basics of Python and works its way up.


Spreadsheet Circuit Boards

Excel spreadsheet simulations of connected boolean gates. Helps users understand very basic principles of how computers work at a foundational level.

Mobile Apps


Bit Grid

Bit Grid is an iOS for building logic circuits. Build adder circuits, two's complement circuits, and many more.


Tile Cascade

Tile Cascade is a puzzle game in which you try to "turn off" colored cells in a complex pattern. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets.

Video Games


Arcade Clones

Classic arcade games imitated and revamped. Play in classic mode, or with the modifications added in.


Georg's Melon Adventure

Play as Georg, a computer programmer who must reclaim the world's melon supply from the evil Macrohard Corporation, which seeks to use the melons to power its new search engine.



A Python/Pygame version of the Kye puzzle game. Collect all of the gems in each level to advance without getting stuck or eaten. Build your own levels with any text editor.