My New Maze Book Is Done

created by T R Bradshaw on January 19, 2013 10:32 AM

I finally finished my new maze book, and now you can buy it from! It took a while to hand-draw all these mazes, scan them in, clean them up, and then put them all together, but I think you'll be happy with the result. This book contains over thirty mazes of different shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels. They are not titled, and there are no real instructions; just enter by the in-arrow and exit by the out-arrow. (There are a few mazes that are a bit different, but all that is explained on the title page of the book.)

Click here for a sample maze from T R Bradshaw's Maze Book Volume 1

When I was a kid, I would draw mazes all the time, and recently I decided that it might be fun to try that again. My first attempt was less than successful; it was a functioning maze, but it looked quite rough (for one thing, the tunnels were all different widths). But I stuck to it, and I got better. I'm happy with all these mazes, but some I'm especially proud of.

I think of all of them, the Saturn maze is my favorite—not because it's especially difficult (I'm not sure it's difficult at all), but because I think it looks nice. To me it almost has an artistic quality about it; I've even thought about framing it.

If you'd like a sample of what the mazes are, check out the main page of the book on this site. You'll find a few previews, and one full PDF sample page.

Happy maze-solving!

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Tile Cascade Now Free on Apple App Store

created by T R Bradshaw on December 31, 2012 02:45 PM

It's been about a year since Tile Cascade came out for iOS. In celebration, it is now available for FREE on the Apple App Store!

The Solar System to Scale

created by T R Bradshaw on December 26, 2012 11:04 AM

Here's something interesting. To understand the true size and scale of things in space, have a look at this webpage:

It's a single page containing all the planets to scale in their orbits around the sun. It's a lot of scrolling, so if your arms gets tired from moving the mouse or swiping the trackpad, here are the shortcuts:

NOTE: These links may not automatically scroll to the right places on some browsers because they open a new window. If that happens, just select the address in the address bar and hit the return key. That should make it scroll to the right spot.

PyKye++ Mod by SuperJustinBros

created by T R Bradshaw on August 20, 2012 09:13 PM

I was looking through backlinks to this site when I came across something I hadn't expected—a mod of PyKye++. It's a graphic mod by SuperJustinBros; he replaced all the included files with new graphics that give it a more classic feel. You can find the mod here:

A mod of PyKye++ made to match classic Kye.

Base64 Image Converter

created by T R Bradshaw on July 31, 2012 11:36 AM

Just for fun I decided to make an image converter that turns images into <img> tags with base64 encoding. This lets you embed an <img> without linking it to an image file. Instead of a link, the src parameter contains the base64 encoding of the image. The tags are pretty long, but it's still pretty cool.

You can find the converter here.