Tile Cascade for iOS

From Tile Cascade

Tile Cascade is a simple puzzle game now available for iOS devices. It is designed to be a quick game you can play anytime—especially during a long wait. Anyone can pick it up and play, but the more you play the better you get.

The goal of Tile Cascade is to “turn off” the colors tiles. Every time you touch a tile, that tile and the adjacent tiles iterate one color. Choose the size of the game board and whether you wish to play with two to five colors. Try to solve each puzzle in the fewest moves possible. The app will store your best score—both in time and touches. It stores each of these separately, so keep that in mind when you look at the high score screen.

Tile Cascade is available in the iTunes Store. It is made for the iPhone and iPod Touch but still may be played on the iPad. Give it a try; I think you’ll like it!