Georg's Melon Adventure - Part I

From Georg's Melon Adventure

When the melons of the world are stolen to power a diabolical search engine, Georg must battle deadly viral wheels, spam laden pigs, and powerful force fields as he crosses Googolsbane Island to retrieve the world's melon supply.

Developed using the PyGame library extensions for Python, this game marks the first attempt at game programming from Bradshaw Creations, with hopefully more to follow.

This demo version of Georg's Melon Adventure includes five action-packed levels and a challenging boss level. Be warned: your health in-game is cumulative, so gather up as much as you can.

This game was originally developed as an experiment using the pygame libraries, and has since grown into a fully functioning game. The source code is not yet available but may be released at some future date. With a bit of work, this game could be modified into any number of platform games.

Keep watching for the continuation of the Georg's Melon Adventure storyline.