About Bradshaw Creations

I created this website to share the many things I like to do with others. I love to do all kinds of things, and I hope to post these things on this site for people to enjoy and to fulfill my own desire to create. There are some projects that do not show up here because they are not good enough (yet). Other projects I am still working on, and others still are seedlings of ideas in my mind, waiting to grow into something better.

Mostly I have worked as a programmer, both for web and for desktop applications and now for mobile devices. In doing so, I have also worked with graphic design and animation. I did a lot of film and video work in school (and a bit out of it as well), and I hope to get back into it before too long. There are many other things that I dabble in, and you may see projects on this site concerning those things.

That said, I hope you enjoy this site.