PyKye 0.5.1

From PyKye

PyKye is a Python/PyGame version of the Kye puzzle game. Solve each puzzle by collecting all the gems without getting stuck or eaten by a monster. The pieces in each puzzle interact in special ways that provide challenges at various levels. There are countless combinations and interactions. See what sort of puzzles you can make!

This version contains both a graphics mode and a text mode so that you can see what is going on underneath the hood. Simply press the "T" key to toggle between modes as you play.

PyKye levels have no bounds. That is, they can be as big or small as you want. Just open up a text file and begin each level with a line with @# (# being an integer saying which level it is), a line with a title for the level, and the level following underneath. You can have as many levels in a file as you want. For an example, see the default level file included with the program.

The levels included with the download are very minimal, but I hope to post more here in the future. In the meantime, I encourage you to create your own levels and share them. I hope to make submissions possible soon. For a guide to the different tiles, see the PyKye blog entry.

If you have any comments on PyKye, you can leave them on the Bradshaw Creations Facebook page.